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Why do people call me a gay fat ginger?How do I deal with this?
I do NOT have freckers,nor do I have red hair,nor I'm I fat.I am very skinny,brown-haired,and I have never had a freckle in my life.I am not gay either.As you see I am quite the opposite.How do I deal with this?
.Ignore them. Apparently they are idiots.
What is more insulting, being called "gay" or being called "fat"?
There's something universally applicable and timeless about fat, but gay has this strength in how it's seemingly invisible and damaging to people who are already insecure and defensive about their sexuality.
Ha! I find it amusing how the proverbial wool has been pulled over the blind eyes of those who willingly accept human perversion. Self-control is an asset both interest groups could do well to exercise, especially those who fall under both categories. Nonetheless, I could hypothetically blow off an accusation of a weight problem with a smug grin, but had I less restraint than a man of my upbringing, an assertion of homosexuality would arouse my desire to resort to fisticuffs.
Is being fat a choice like being gay?
I have lived the gay trend and wow. Don't knock it until you try it. That stuff is freaky. But I see how many of you say its a choice. I know of no guy that had a particular fancy for the family cat. But, hey if you consent, then choose it and get married.

Now as for fat, I choose it too. As long as I am healthy, I can be as fat as I need to be to function. Fat and gay are choices!
You're making yourself look stupid. You make zero sense.
Why have gay guys used bear as an excuse to be fat?
Originally it wasn't supposed to mean fat hairy gay guys. It simply referred to a built guy with a hairy chest, not a blubbery butt and gut
Is that true? I don't see it being an excuse. A lot of big guys out there fully accept their body figure.
Well, you could be fat, lean, built, tall, short, etc. As long as you've got a good amount of body hair on you, and you're a gay/bi male, you know you're a bear.
Do you have that 1 fat gay acting guy in your school group of friends?
I have that 1 guy he's really annoying. He's sometimes funny and I think because of him me and my friends are being misjudged by others should we stay away from him. This is middle school
...wow. look up the word GAY, first of all. I'm currently in highschool, and honestly, it's the guys who were dorks who are the most amazing in our school. Middle school seems like number one priority, but calling someone 'gay' as an insult truly doesn't bring out any intelligence. If you like hanging with this guy, there's nothing wrong with that.
How can I get chances to meet up with Chubby or fat gay in Japan?
There are no fat people in Japan. They eat nutritious food and value vigorous excercize.
Why is it so hard to find a chubby or fat bi or gay guy?
i think that most bisexuals have it much easier in the case that they like thins guys.
i am a thin/athletic thin guy and i like chubbies. [fat or chubby people]
And when people complain about not being able to find anyone it sorta annoys me because i havent found a freaking bi or gay chubby guy. pretty annoying actually.
Start cruising 'Bear' events and 'Bear' websites. Bear is a key word for larger hairy guys. That should make your search easier.
Are there any fat gay people?
This is just out of curiosity. Honestly, I have never seen a fat gay person. They usually seem to be either really skinny or hella muscular. Why are there no fat gay people? Or have i just not seen them?
Sadly, I am over 200 lbs and only 5'6", so... yeah, I'm a fat gay guy. Definitely gotta do something about it one of these days.
Who thinks fat people are gay?
I am dead serious, there is 2 guys in my class that are gay. One talks like a girl and acts like a 2 years old, he still watches barney and elmo. He also has never seen any PG-13 or R movies. I'm like what the freak. The second guy is twice as big as the other one and things he is like the funniest guy in the world but he really suxs balls. He acts retarded and gay. And also if you have seen that new movie "DATE MOVIE" you too gay fat guys rubbing there stomachs together like to mushy balls. You can see it on the trailer too. I'm telling you now people you get fat from food, its from being too lazy and if you are and are skinny thats cuz you have a high mutabalism or how ever you spell it.
well i know for a fact that fat women are not gay. those are the ones who know how to really suck you off. like meat on a pork chop popsicle. lol.
What present can I get for my fat gay cousin?
Enough detail in the title.
Two tickets to the Ellen show

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