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Why are men interested in sucking breast? What exactly does it do for them?
My boyfriend has always admired the size of my breast ( I'm a 32inch) and he has been bugging me about sucking them. Why are men interested in sucking breast? And when I let him to do, he did it for 45 mins! So for all the men out there, please explain to me why you guys like breasts so much. What exactly does it do for them?? I'm 22 and I still find it odd.
Because they are beautiful (I'm sure your boyfriend thinks that of yours). And they are sensual to feel, kiss, and suck. Most girls I've been with enjoy it too. Probably not that long, but everyone is different.

Lean back and enjoy it.
What kinds of diseases (If Any) can you get by breast sucking?
This girl and I were in my car and we decided to do something physical (no intercourse), so it ended at breast sucking and I'm wondering what kinds of diseases (If Any) a person can get from doing that.…

The following are contractable through breast milk.

* Hepatitis B
* Chronic Hepatitis B
* Cytomegalovirus
* HTLV-1
* Tropical Spastic Paraparesis
Is it possible to contract a Venereal disease from breast sucking?
What if she is lactating?

I was just thinking about boobs as I usually do and began wondering if blood born diseases are contagious through breast milk or if there is such thing as boob herpes or something.
i think..not sure..but i think you can pass aids through breast feeding..
Can breast sucking by men be a therapy against breast cancer?
can women reduce the risk of breast cancer when they are sucked by their husbands?
No, don't be so bloody stupid. And try to think of a better use for your time than posting juvenile questions about a deadly disease that kills 112 women each day (one every 15 minutes) in the US alone on a forum used by people dealing with that disease.

Damn the school summer break; bored guydies will be posting questions like this till September...
Hey, I would like to ask if excessive breast sucking have any deleterious effect on them?
I like to do a lots of breast sucking..i continually so it for half an does it have any deleterious sffect on my girlfriend's breast health.. It became softer than before earlier they were firm. Does it damage or problem its milk forming capacity or any such medical problem..?? pls tell me do i need to reduce breast sucking..??
If anything she'd start producing milk. But no, no adverse effects that I've ever heard of from doing that.
Does breast sucking provide protein to man ?
I want to know that if a man sucks breasts of her never- pregnant girlfriend then he will get protein for building his muscles??.
Sucking boobs with milk can build up ur ammune system but if it duzin have milk no
Sucking breast is good or bad for health?
I do suck n bite my gf breast it good or bad for health?
Neither really, although it might help your stress level so maybe its good from that point of view.

Go easy on the biting though ok? That can hurt.
Can my breast grow bigger through sucking?
Is it possible? Meaning, my boyfriend would suck my breast a lot, will they get bigger?
No. The nipple may look redder or longer, but that will go away quickly enough.
My boyfriend was sucking my breast and then afterward a drop of fluid came out, what could that possibly be?
im wondering if this is normal after a guy sucking your breast for a while or if it means something can be wrong with my body? or am i experiencing another body growth?
Body growth

you will be fine just enjoy the experience

Best of luck with it

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