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Is there an Anime series about hardcore Gamers in modern times?
I think it would be a cool anime about Some hardcore gamers in modern times, are there any out there?
Uhm, i believe (dot) hack
is about people in modern time, but it doesnt show much outside of the game world, besides people mysteriously dieing. i havent read .hack in a while though. now i wanna read it again ._.

btw there are many different .hack. i cant name em but i knwo theres more than one.all the same thing but with different story lines i believe
Any hardcore yaoi anime you can suggest?
I have already watched Ai no Kusabi, Boku no Pico 1, Boku no Pico 2, and Sensitive Pornograph. Is there any other hardcore yaoi hentai anime out there? Please provide me with links for free viewing. I want anime only. Please don't give me animes that don't show c0cks. tnx.
Wow. I love your honesty on how you want some c0cks in your view.

Well, Okane Ga Nai is very good.
Papa to kiss in the dark, also good
Level C
Boku No Pico 3.......
You know what, you should also look at some shota manga that's on the net, or you could buy it at an anime con.
Anything that is by Chi-ran and Dr.Ten is sure to have a c0ck, you'll like em' alot. =D
What majority of weeaboos and other hardcore anime fans do you think are helping donate to japan?
Well, since they love japan so much.
I lol'd. You think these guys who mix anime with reality is going to be mature enough to donate/help Japan? (Both financially and morally) And if they did, they wouldn't be a weeaboo anymore, they'd just be a regular person with an interest in Japan. So zero, 0% will donate.
What are some of the best hardcore yaoi anime series?
Hey, I've already seen Loveless and am starting Junjou Romantica. I just want some others to fill in between. I'm looking for some hardcore yaoi that I will be able to watch in parts on Youtube. Thank you so much!!
I like yaoi hardcore as well. These are some of the ones i've watched and liked, i'm giving you boysonboysonfilm reviews mostly with a few comments of myself:

Ai no Kusabi, this is considered a masterpiece of yaoi anime, and for good reason. It comes with all the usual warnings: boy on boy sex, angst, complicated plot, gore (though not that much). But above and beyond the warnings it is a truly poignant, truly tragic story.
[The OVA is not very long and you are expected to know a little about he story, if you don't mind reading is very worth it, you cand find some info at:…

Boku No Pico is short, sweet and straight to the point. A very hot watch that does exactly what is was designed to do, make you hot under the collar. I would definitely recommend this piece if you were just looking for a half hour of fun and frolicking, a sex filled romp if you would, that is not only easy on the angst but very easy on the eyes.

Pico to Chico is the next installment to the Boku no Pico OVA. For those who are not into shota I don't recommend watching this.

Boku no Sexual Harassment is another one of those "coworkers take advantage of the underling" series. Spanning 3 OAV's.

Enzai. The OAV is based on the yaoi text adventure game by Langmaor. The game itself is dark and violent, which is just how the
OAV is. Those who are opposed to rape and fetish shouldn't view this.

Fujimi Orchestra. Like the classical pieces that make up its score, the 60-minute OAV starts slowly, builds to a dramatic crescendo, then tapers into a quiet and vaguely satisfying conclusion. However, this is a rather weird movie and its characters are difficult to care for. It's often hard to tell just what's going on or even why it's happening.
[I recomend reading the manga.]

Haru wo Daiteita [is one of the most famous yaoi anime and manga out there.] It focuses greatly on the pressure of the entertainment industry. Kyousuke Iwaki is an experienced adult video actor, while his new film partner, Youji Katou, is an energetic youth just starting out in the business.
[Very had core.]

Ikoku Irokoi Romantan. It's the story of a romance that takes place in Italy with the possiblity of a love triangle.
[This one is very good and actually fun, there is only one OVA but the manga covers that one and the rest of the story.]

KirePapa is the story of the gorgeous, slightly scatter-brained author Chisato Takatsukasa, who lives alone with his son Riju after his divorce. Chisato is convinced that Riju's many male friends are all out to take advantage of his cute teenage son and in his efforts to protect the boy he resorts to dirty tactics.
[This anime is fun but not as hard core.]

Sexy fun with a positive, if somewhat unrealistically cheerful, attitude -- that's Level C. It's the sort of thirty minute romp that leaves you with a warm, fuzzy feeling all over.

Okane Ga Nai is one of the most expected animes and has been released at last, but has raised a wide range of opinions among the viewers that go from love to blatant hate.
[Very, very hard core. Personally i think is not as good as the manga, that has got me soooo hooked. I really recomend reading the manga, if you are going to read only one yaoi manga this would be the one i recommend. You can find it here:…
it is the most complete scanlation I've found.]

Papa to Kiss in the Dark is based on the first cd of a BL drama of the same title. We are introduced to the world of the doting father, Munakata Kyosuke and his adorable, 15 year old son Mira. This is a happy, peaceful domestic situation just unlike any other, only that they are also lovers.
[Very fun and hard core. Bummer there is no sequel.]

If you're looking for a fun (if, perhaps, too short), cute and cuddly sex-romp, you've found the right show. Sensitive Pornograph is a thirty minute long anime that consists of two stories.
[Almost exact same as the manga, nither give an explenation or continuance.]

Hope it helps!
Here is a question for hardcore anime lovers?
for any anime fans out there that love to cosplay.
When it comes time for the anime convention do you make your costume or do you buy your costume?

I plan on some how doing both.
I have no sewing talent whatsoever, so I buy mine. I am ashamed.
Are there any website carry hardcore hentai yuri manga or anime?
I want to know there are any website carry this genre of manga or anime? Are such thing as hentai yuri?

can someone tell me any recommendations of a manga that is Hardcore.

Before you answer, I'm 22 years old woman, not a teenager.

thank you.
google theses things

E henta
doujin moe
azumanga hentai(click on the first link google gives you thats a good site)
What are the best hardcore yaoi anime?
I've seen a few... Junjou romantica, kire papa, etc... But I can't find anymore. It can only be anime tho since I can't go buy the manga... Lol the harder and more graphic the better!
It's not really an anime,but it's called Sex Pistols and it's an OVA.I thought it was really good,but it's not really hardcore but there is a few scenes.The OVA is a little strange,but it's my favorite yaoi anime/OVA.The only bad part is that there's only 1 part to it so far and the second part won't come out for a few months.I would check it out though.
What are some good hardcore Yaoi anime shows?
and links to where i can find them thanks!
Other than title said above are...

Boku no Sexual Harassment…
Sensitive Pornograph (not too hardcore though, the 2nd part)…
Is there any anime with a hardcore opening besides deathnote?
i was wondering if there was a anime with a hardcore opening like deathnote
Where is a good place to watch hardcore gay anime?
Free or pay, doesn't matter. Can't find a good website =/
There isn't a lot of anime you can watch for yaoi (gay genre for anime).

There's a bunch of explicit manga instead. If you search it up you can get a lot of different stuff that will probably suit your taste.

If you want to watch yaoi anime titles I'd suggest Sensitive Pornograph (a lot of fluffy melodramtic stuff but good dirty scenes).

For manga there's loads out there that I haven't even seen or read before. But I have a ton of recommendations like the series Totally Captivated. There's a whole lot more that I can't seem to think of off the top of my head.

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